Saturday, February 18, 2006

Double-O Demos

These tracks are from a tape that was traded among friends some time back. I can only imagine how many generations it saw before making it to me. There was more hiss than actual sound on the tape before I used some rather sophisticated noise reduction plug-ins to filter out the crap. Don't get too excited though, the sound is still god-awful. Believe it or not, it actually sounded worse before.

I understand, from doing some research on the web, that these tracks were bootlegged as a double 7" at some point under the title Double Barrelled. I used the Double-O page at KFTH to attempt to match song titles to the tracks but was only able to get three. Feel free to try your luck at guessing the others.

Musically this demo is much heavier than the later 7". In fact it could easily be mistaken for some forgotten Youth Brigade (DC) release. Which makes perfect sense, as the band was made up of members of Youth Brigade and Red C.

A definate must-listen for fans of early DC hardcore, which I am most certainly one.

Note: you can still get the 7" tracks and some other good info and links over at SILT.

Double-O Demos
No Limits
Putting D.C. on the Map
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Anonymous Tom said...

Wow, no comments over a year after Squabbler posted this and nearly a year after closed shop. (I hope you post again!)

As best as I can tell, this is the "Putting D.C. Back on the Map" tape. I don't have this, but I suspect I'm right. If someone has it, please confirm.

Track 3 is definitely "The End."
I'm sure track 8 is (an incomplete version of) "Take a Position."
Track 5 sounds like Eric is singing "I Don't Know" a lot. I'll take that as the title until I learn otherwise. I assume track 4 or 7 is "Fade Out," but I don't know the song and can't tell which one is it.

I hope this helps someone who stumbles across this.

1:17 PM  

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