Monday, February 27, 2006

No Crisis

1982 Ultra Mega/Thunderbolt Records

With several songs produced by The Dickies' Stan Lee, back cover art by the legendary Shawn Kerri, engineering by Thom Wilson, and a track on the Rodney on the Roq vol. 3 comp, not a bad list of associations and accomplishments for this relatively short-lived LA area band and their 6-song mini LP.

While "She's Into the Scene" is the obvious "hit", the real treasure to be found here is "Take It" which boasts one of the best Rikk Agnew-esque guitar leads ever to be committed to tape. Also, check out "On Your Head". Sound familiar? You may also know it as "Money Machine" from Agression's Don't Be Mistaken LP. Both bands shared a member in common who, apparently, really liked that tune.

Also, I've included the earlier version of "Change Your Name" from the You Can't Argue With Sucksess comp.

No Crisis - She's Into the Scene
She's Into the Scene
Take It
About Face
Change Your Name
On Your Head

No Crisis - You Can't Argue With Sucksess LP
Change Your Name


Anonymous WarEnsemble said...

Damn this is another one I totally forgot about. Thanx for another excellent post.

6:34 PM  

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