Friday, June 02, 2006

No Milk On Tuesday

1983 Spoiled Records

Didn't have anything else ready so this is what I got today. Other than knowing that: the band hailed from Connecticut, had tracks on the Connecticut Fun comp, were in the vein of other "funny" punk bands like Adrenalin O.D., that the record has some "interesting" guitar work, and that an old friend of mine used to mimic the chorus of "U Lied" sometimes because of it's "unique" phrasing, I don't know squat about the band. Anyone?

Damn, shoulda posted this on Tuesday, then at least I could've claimed some kind of theme.

No Milke On Tuesday - s/t 7"
Pressure Sensitive
U Lied
Killing Myself With Drugs
I Don't Know
USA Today
Polyester Pigs

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Red Scare

1984 Upstart Records

Okay, I admit it, I had a bit of crush on Bobbi Brat as a kid. Alas, only from afar. With looks and attitude aplenty, she was more than a bit intimidating. She seemed to have a talent for drawing attention at shows, although, it must be said, she was hard not to notice. Sadly, while googling the band a while back, I was shocked to find out that Bobbi passed away due to cancer at the age of 26 way back in '88.

The band had tracks on several comps, including the third and final Rodney On the Roq record, but this was their only proper release. I believe Grand Theft Audio released a CD of this and a bunch of bonus material a decade or so ago, so grab it if you still can.

A frequent visitor to this site sent a couple of old snapshots of the band including one of Bobbi Brat's headstone. So, thanks go out to Stephanie. BTW, anyone with pics of old shows and what-not, please send them in. I'd love to include relevant photos to the posts.

Red Scare - Then There Were None
Last Request
Don't Look in the Basement
Mind Inertia
Red Rum
Looking for Why
Then There Were None
Flight 007
Anything Goes
Way Out West
Street Life

Shot taken @ The Olympic Auditorium, April 13, 1984 (on the bill that night: Subhumans, The Dicks, MDC, Red Scare)

Monday, May 22, 2006

American Bands w/ English Singers, Pt.1 of a 1 part series

Okay, I'm not sure if the singer from Subterfuge is actually English but he may as well be, hence their inclusion in this series. This is another one of those records I've owned forever but don't think I ever actually listened to. Maybe it was the dorky cover that turned me off initially (what made me buy it then?), but again, as with the Breakouts EP I posted awhile back, I was actually surprised to find myself liking it. Very UK82-ish sounding, which is okay by me, and from Las Vegas no less.

Subterfuge - Who's the Fool?
24 Hours
Irish Eyes
Who's the Fool
Macho Man
Solitary Confinement
Legal Who

The Dischords did, however, definately have a British singer and were from the So-Cal area. Sadly, I sold my copy* of this one a few years ago. The audio here is from one of my many, dozens of obsessively made cassettes which I've somehow managed to hold onto, all these years later. Sorta miss making those. One things for sure, it was a lot easier than this digitizing crap; just put the needle down, hit play & record, and go. Even with the hours I used to put into drawing agonizingly faithful representations of the bands' logos on the cassette J-cards (what can I say, I was young...and lonely, apparently), I feel like it takes longer now.

*see my "Wall of Shame" over there to the left

1982 Reckless

Dischords - Dirty Habits
When You're Young
Just Another Day
Dirty Habits
Amphetamine Love

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Damned - Dodgy Demo

1979 Dodgy Demo Company

The Damned's "Love Song" has to be one of the best punk rock songs of all time and, in my estimation, qualifies as one of the best "rock" songs of all time as well. It's really a perfect song; great melodies, great guitar parts, attitude to spare, speed, and a perfect arrangement. The fact that they were able to inject some clever humor into the whole mess via Vanian's tongue-in-cheek lyrics is an added bonus as well.

According to the excrutiatingly detailed Damned Discography, this 7" "was given away free at the bands gigs at the Croydon Greyhound, London on 7 January 1979 and the Electric Ballrom, London on 23 January 1979" several months ahead of the official release of the "Love Song" single on the Chiswick label. Both tracks are demo versions. The b-side, "Burglar", is pure novelty and features drummer Rat Scabies on vocals.

I remember reading somewhere that a certain Damned performance in D.C. had had a profound impact on that city's then fledgling scene. Makes sense to me. You can really hear the echos of "Love Song" and some other Damned tunes, such as "Melody Lee", in material from bands like Scream, Minor Threat, and Black Market Baby.

Damned - Dodgy Demo
Love Song (demo)
Burglar (demo)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Vox Pop

1980 Bad Trip Records

Vox Pop - Cab Driver b/w Just Like Your Mom
Cab Driver
Just Like Your Mom

This post marks this website's first foray into nudity, and wouldn't you know it, full-frontal male nudity to boot. Does this mean I need to get one of those splash-screen/disclaimer/warning things?

Vox Pop were started by the uber-prolific Jeff Dahl (Angry Samoans, Powertrip, Jeff Dahl, etc.) and several members of 45 Grave; those members being Dinah Cancer, Don Bolles, and one of my all-time favorite guitar players, Paul B. Cutler...oh, and two other guys whom I'm haven't a clue about (maybe someone will be nice enough to clue me in?). According to the bio on Dahl's site the band was known for their "volatile shows and decadent behavior". As I never saw them play, I'll take his word for it, for as the title of his site proclaims, Jeff Dahl Rocks! But seriously, the 7" is definately a little more straight forward and generally less weird than the 12" EP, however both are worth a listen.

You know, I've always just assumed that Bolles was the nude guy on the cover of the 12" but now that I look, I'm not sure. Anyone?

Vox Pop - The Band, The Myth, The Legend
Become A Pagan

Monday, May 15, 2006

Salvation Army

1981 New Alliance Records

I feel that someone might have posted this already and if so, sorry, but oh well, here it is again.

Salvation Army, later to become The 3 O'Clock, were great 60s infused punk rock from Carson (not far from were I grew up). I never saw them as SA but did catch them shortly after changing their name, still pretty cool. They're credited with starting the "paisley undeground" "scene" which seemed more a loose grouping of bands with vague, psychadelic leanings than any coherent music scene. Some others usually lumped into that category are Dream Syndicate and Green On Red, both of which put out pretty cool EPs during '81.

Anyway, one of the best from the label that brought you other South Bay greats such as the Descendents, Minutemen, and Secret Hate.

Salvation Army - Mind Gardens
Mind Gardens
Happen Happened

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Tooth and Nail

1978 Upsetter Records

Another day, another comp. Released on Upsetter in '79, this one's often touted as the first all LA/OC compilation. Not sure if that's really accurate as Negative Trend is from SF which sorta squelches that whole claim. Nonethelss, it has tons of great tracks including "Love is Just a Tool" from Middle Class which, in retrospect, sounds like "the" model song for so many "hardcore" bands that would soon follow. Also I believe most, if not all, of the tracks were recorded exclusively for this record.

Tooth and Nail
Controllers Another Day
Controllers Electric Church
Controllers Jezebel
Flesh Eaters The Word Goes Flesh
Flesh Eaters Pony Dress
Flesh Eaters Version Nation
UXA Social Circle
Negative Trend I Got Power
Negative Trend Mercenaries
Middle Class Love Is Just A Tool
Middle Class Above Suspicion
Germs Manimal
Germs Dragon Lady
Germs Strange Notes